SAMSUNGJoseph Dziedzic, well experienced in presenting, mentoring, and researching best practices in CI , is currently teaching Spanish at Aspen High School in Aspen, CO. His passion and commitment to the CI methodology have led him to the development of He was awarded the “Jared Polis Teacher Recognition” and the “Mile High Teacher” for his commitment to world language education at the state and district level. Joseph has presented on numerous occasions, for example, at the iFLT Conference in Breckenridge/San Diego/Denver/and during a multitude of other professional development workshops.


photoMary Overton teaches Spanish for Heritage Speakers and Spanish as a Second Language at Skinner Middle School in Denver, CO.  Over the past two years at Skinner, Mary has been learning about and discovering the benefits of CI methodology.   Prior to teaching at Skinner, Mary taught as a Graduate Teaching Assistant while earning her Master’s degree in Spanish from Colorado State University.  She is passionate about CI and presented at CCFLT’s Spring Conference, 2013,  in the hopes of inspiring and educating others about the benefits of CI.  She is thrilled to be helping with and hopes the curriculum will benefit other teachers and students.



UntitledNatalia Metwally teaches French as a Second Language at North High School in Denver, CO. She speaks both French and Spanish and is currently working on a Doctorate of Modern Languages from Middlebury College focusing on French and Spanish acquisition. She has experience teaching using CI methodology at the high school level. She is very passionate about the methodology and about her work in general. She loves going to school every day to witness the incredible language development of her students.




P1050080@0Kathryn Kuypers is a middle school Spanish teacher in Denver, CO.  She was trained in CI methodology from the very beginning of her career and has only taught using CI methods.  She is a true believer in the effectiveness of the method and loves how much it engages her students every day.  Kathryn was awarded the “Mile High Teacher” award in 2012.  She is also a teacher mentor to new foreign language teachers in Denver County.





Nina Barber is a National Board Certified Spanish teacher, and a member of the Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers (CCFLT).  A twenty-some-year veteran of teaching Spanish in public schools, Nina has presented at CCFLT and iFLT conferences.  Always ready to shake up her classroom, Nina started using CI methods in her classroom a few years ago, and found that she enjoys the challenge of making everything comprehensible.



Allen, Annabelle

Annabelle Allen teaches Spanish as a Second Language and Spanish for Heritage Speakers at Skinner Middle School in Denver, CO. She has experience teaching using CI methodology at both the middle school and high school levels. She presented at the Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers Spring 2013 with her colleague Mary Overton (also CI teacher) on “Making Anything Comprehensible, Achieving 90% Through Comprehensible Input”. She is eager and passionate about the methodology, and loves how it develops and changes each year. She has been blown away by the results she sees in her students each year and is very excited about working with