Culture Lessons Level 1

1st Culture lesson- This lesson can be given after the 3rd week of the curriculum. It is a VERY basic lesson on the congas. I have a conga and play it as well for them. I teach the very basic ways to play. I will post a link to the video when I give the lesson next week.

la tumbadora

2nd Culture Lesson-This lesson can be given after the 5th week of school. It is a basic lesson on el Camino. The last slide is my personal slide. Feel free to adjust it as you need. If you are absent around this time it is a good time to show The Way (the movie) to go along with the lesson.

El camino de Santiago

3rd Culture Lesson-This lesson is meant to be given on or around Day of the Dead.

Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos Questions

4th Culture lesson-This lesson is a quick lesson about the Danza de los Voladores in Mexico.

Danza de los voladores

More culture lessons to come…