Goals, Planning, and Pacing

Spanish 3-4 year at a glance

End of year goal

In levels 3 and 4 my main goal is to speak comprehensible Spanish 100% of the time using nearly all tenses naturally. I expect my students to be able produce basic subjunctive forms and si clauses as well as preterit, imperfect, present perfect, present tense, and past perfect with limited errors by the end of the year. Of course there are still a lot of students who will say yo comió or yo ha visto, but I expect it to be correct in their writing more often.

When I am focusing on a new grammar point (a lot in second semester) I use previously acquired vocabulary so the students can focus on the form/grammar rather than the vocabulary.


Semester 1 level 3-I spend the first semester reviewing the previous year.

Semester 1 level 4-I do not do much of a review. I start right in with the first unit and if I see a structure or tense they need work on, I incorporate it in the unit.

Semester 2-In level 3 the second semester is when I start to use the new structures. I am still using novels but I am supplementing as much authentic resources as I can.

How to use the curriculum

The level 3/4 curriculum is when I start to incorporate more authentic resources as well as start to prepare students for IB or AP. Therefor, second semester the activities have an output goal that matches the output activities from either IB or AP. They are also aligned to the IB and AP themes. That being said, a unit will take 2-3 weeks.

Novels I use for Spanish 3 and 4

Spanish 3-Maldición de la cabeza reducida and Problemas en Paraíso as review, La calaca alegre and Vida o muerte en el Cusco in the second semester.

Spanish 4-La guerra sucia, La hija del sastre, and Vida y muerte en la Mara Salvatrucha, a lot of authentic resources and if the year goes perfectly En busca del monstruo.