Goals, Planning and Pacing

I would like to give a clear explanation for my level 1 goals and an explanation of how to plan and pace your year using this site.

Goal-My overall goal for level 1 is for students to acquire the 100 most frequently used structures (verbs), while in the meantime acquiring other vocabulary, in the present tense (including direct/indirect object pronouns, present progressive, stem changing verbs, etc.) with an exposure to the preterite, imperfect, present perfect, conditional, and subjunctive tenses. I expect all students to be able to write, read, speak, and orally comprehend the language covered in class in the present tense.

Pacing-I designed the site into basic week long plans that lead to teaching of additional vocabulary and culture lessons. I like to take every 6 weeks to review the prior 5 weeks and include a culture lesson. I have included 6 culture lessons that are meant to be taught every 6 weeks during a week of review. I have found this way I am able to go back over the prior weeks to assure that students have acquired the vocabulary being taught. In that week I will also give an formal assessment in reading and writing (I try to do a speaking and listening assessment but I don’t always get to it).

Novels/readers that I read in Spanish 1

Brandon Brown quiere un perro (Carol Gaab), El nuevo Houdini (Car0l Gaab), Felipe Alou (Carol Gaab) and Esperanza (Carol Gaab)

Spanish 1 year at a glance

Ideal Weekly Schedule

Ideal Block Weekly Schedule