Planning, Pacing, and Goals

The middle school curriculum consists of 24 units total.  Level 1A includes units 1-12 while units 13-24 make up Level 1B.  We use each unit for about 2 weeks, or about 6 hours of instruction.  If you happen to see your students more than 3 hours per week, you may be able to finish each unit in 1 week, thus finishing all of Level 1A and 1B in the course of a school year.  Each unit consists of verb structures and transition words which are used as the basis of that week’s questioning, stories, and other activities. Occasionally in our stories or cultural activities, you will notice an asterisks* next to a word.  These are words that we suggest that you footnote in English for your students, as they are not necessarily high frequency words, but they enrich the text.