Present and Past tense

I recieved a question about how I teach the present and the past. Read below


I have been finding your website very helpful, so thank you! Tengo una duda…when you teach the new vocab for the week, do you introduce the present and past tenses on the same day, and if so, do you require that they incorporate the past tense into the story?? How do they usually take to that? And lastly, I noticed that you don’t evaluate them much on their knowledge of the past tense, so is it just for their own knowledge?


And my reply is..

It depends on the level you are teaching. For level 1 I focus on the present tense and go over the past regularly but it is not the main focus of the class. I will always use the past tense on Monday when we are talking about the weekend and have one pre taught verb a week that I like to focus on. For example; last week we learned se pone enojado then on the following Monday I will tell the students to use it in the past tense and try to circle that verb with a minimum of 30 repetitions. There are some words that I do test on and expect that the kids know; fue/fui, tenía, comí, dormí, etc. Also, I will focus more on the past tense further on in the year. I will have students re-write a story in the past, re-tells in the past, etc.

In level 2 it is my main focus of the year. I test and expect that the students know both the present and the past. If it is a new verb I will focus using it in the present and the past. If it is an old verb I will briefly go over it in the present and then move on to it in the past.

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