Spanish 4 unit 1-Skipping Class

The goal of every unit is to find and interesting article (or 2 or 3) aligned to an AP or IB theme and either pull structures from that article and/or think about what structures students need to know in order to have a discussion around that topic or a separate topic that would include the structures. The structures I am looking for are “upper level” structures; for example subjunctive, si clauses, compound tenses (etc.), as well as transition words. Keep in mind; the structures must still be the most frequent vocabulary.

Below is a video of me starting the lesson with my IB 2 students.

  1. Suele
  2. Es importante que vaya/asista/etc.
  3. Hace trampa
  4. Se salta clases
  5. Quizás
  • Topics-skipping class and family events (se salta, suele, quieres que subjuntivo, quizás, es importante que vaya, hace trampa)
  • Have you ever skipped class? What classes do students skip the most and why? Do you think that teachers skip work and why? What other events do you skip? What family events to you want to skip and why? What events to your parents not allow you to skip? Do you trick your parents or are you a trickster in order to skip school or events? If an administrator approaches you while you are ditching, what do you do?
  • Topic-cheating in class (hacer trampa, quizás)
  • In which class to you cheat the most? How do you cheat? How many students cheat in the building? Is copying homework cheating? Is Google translate cheating?
  • Topic-meals and skipping meals (se salta, es importante, suele)
  • What meals to you tend to skip? What meal is the most important? Why? Do you think it is more important to eat one meal more than another? What meal do people skip the most?


Reading Sources



  • Class/school survey about skipping classes and meals.
  • A quick free write about what class they dislike and skip the most and what class they like the most and would never skip
  • Movie talk with video about being a good/bad student
  • Dictation of a mini story created from the PQA
  • Photo description of certain meals or what students do when skipping class
  • Read articles
  • Write a letter (or any IB text type) to the principal about skipping classes and why
    • El director de la escuela quiere bajar la cantidad de ausencias en la escuela. Te pide como piensas que la escuela puede bajar las ausencias. Escribe una carta formal aconsejando el director tus ideas en que la escuela puede hacer. (250-400 palabras)