Spanish 4 unit 2-Cell Phone Addiction

Essential Questions
  1. ¿Cómo ha cambiado el papel de la tecnología en la escuela?
  2. ¿Cómo ha cambiado la tecnología la manera en que se comunica?
  1. Desarrolla
  2. Suele
  3. La red social
  4. Desconecta de la pantalla
  5. Usa el internet como una herramienta
  6. Es necesario que pase tanto tiempo en la red social
  7. El papel de
  8. A menudo
  • Topic-Are you addicted?
  • How many messages do you get in a day? How many do you send? What is the perfect cell phone size? Is your cell phone a tool or a necessity? Do you feel disconnected with your don’t have your phone? When do you not have your phone on you? What social media do you use? Do you use different social media for friends and parents? Who looks at their phone the most at dinner?
  • Topic-Technology in schools/life
  • How many classes use technology? Do you find it to be helpful? Does technology lead to cheating? Do you tend to get distracted by technology in class? Is technology necessary to have to learn?


Reading Sources

    • Class/school survey about cell phone addiction
    • A quick free write about how there phone affects their sleeping/life
    • Dictation of a mini story created from the PQA
    • Photo description of the cell phones evolution
    • Read articles
    • Write a letter (or any IB text type) to the cell phone addicted grandparent
    • Interpersonal orals (IB)