Spanish 4 unit 3-Beauty and Objectifying Women

  1. Se siente
  2. Se atreve
  3. Explotación
  4. Percibe
  5. Se comporta
  6. Se ve como
  • Behavior:
  • How do you behave at home? Do you behave differently with friends? Why? How do teachers see you as compared to how you really are? How do other peer perceive you to be? If you could behave like anyone how would it be? Why?
  • How we view others:
  • How do you perceive women vs men? What is the first thing you think of when you meet someone? How do you look at men vs women? How do you perceive a strong woman?
  •  Objectifying women:
  • Why do we objectify women in our society? Is it due to the role of women? Is it because men feel superior to women? Why do we marry who we do? Status, stability, good house keeper, looks, etc.? How are women portrayed in movies and media?
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