Spanish 4 unit 4-Beauty vs Intelligence

  1. Desventaja/ventaja
  2. Ha sido bendecido
  3. Si pudiera ser, sería/tendría/podría
  4. Gana (dinero)
  5. Consigue
  6. Es importante/necesario que
  7. Se alega
  • Behavior:
  • How do you behave when you are talking to someone you think is beautiful? Do you perceive them differently?
  • Beauty vs intelligence:
  • If you could be anyone, who would it be? If you could date/talk/meet anyone who would it be and why? Who has more of an advantage smart people or beautiful people? Why? Which group has been more blessed? Do you think one makes more money? Why?
  •  Ideal partner:
  • What is your ideal partner like? Would they be smart or intelligent? Which is more important? Do they have to make a lot of money? What type of personality do you want them to have?
Reading Sources



  • Students find a picture of their ideal partner and present it to the class
  • Movie talk part of Legally Blonde or Clueless
  • Read and discuss articles
  • Socratic seminar about topic
  • Write a letter (or any IB text type) to a fashion magazine about why being smart is as important as beautiful