Week 12

  1. Ha acabado-S/he has finished
  2. Tendrá problemas-S/he will have problems
  3. No entiende-S/he doesn’t understand
  4. Se cae-S/he falls
  1. Hubo acabado-S/he had finished
  2. Tendrá problemas-S/he will have problems
  3. No entendía-S/he didn’t understand
  4. Se cayó-S/he fell


  • Ha acabado-What have you started that you have not finished? How quickly did the Lana Del Rey/Miley Cyrus/etc. tickets sell out?
  • Tendrá- why you will have problems after high school, are they worse if you don’t graduate, who will have a lot of money and why, how many babies students will have.
  • Se cae-Have you ever fallen in front of your friends/cute boy/etc. I also teach le cae bien and compare who kids le gusta vs le cae bien.
  • Entiende-What class do you not understand at all? Why?

Story ideas

A girl went to the school football game to see the boy she had a crush on (take two kids from the school and PQA for this information). The game had just finished. She didn’t understand the game at all (PQA who doesn’t get football or any other sport).  She really wanted to flirt with the boy so she stayed around waiting to talk with him. He finally comes out of the locker room and smells horrific of course. He never took a shower. She walks over to him as he looks at her and she falls. She hits her face on the concrete and breaks her nose. She will never have a boyfriend. She will always have a problem getting one because of that night.

Mini Story 1

Coming soon!