Week 14

  1. Aunque nunca se baña-Although s/he never bathes
  2. Se pone la ropa-S/he gets dressed/puts on the clothes
  3. Es probable que + subjunctive-It is probable that subjunctive
  4. Se da cuenta-S/he realizes
  1. Aunque nunca se bañaba-Although s/he never bathed
  2. Se puso la ropa-S/he got dressed/put on clothes
  3. Era probable que + subjunctive-Is was probable that + subjunctive
  4. Se dio cuenta-S/he realized


  • Se da cuenta– Do you realize that the Broncos are going to win the Super Bowl?
  • Se baña-How often do you bathe? Who bathes twice a day? etc.
  • Se pone la ropa limpia/es probable que-Even if you don’t bathe do you still put on clean clothes? If you don’t bathe do you put on dirty clothes. Famous people and how often they bathe and probably put on clean/dirty clothes

Story ideas

_______ (famous person) is going to a dinner party at _________ house. He hasn’t showered in a few days because is was working so much. He doesn’t realize that he hasn’t so he decides to go the the party and doesn’t even put on clean clothes. He realizes in the car that he smells a little bit but thinks that people probably won’t notice. He arrives and his friend tells him he smells. So he decides that he isn’t his friend and wants to go to a party where people smell. So he goes to Albuquerque, NM (or any town where there are some hippies) where nobody bathes. Finds the woman of his dreams.

Mini Story 1

Coming soon!