Week 15

  1. Siempre está triste/contento/etc.-S/he is always sad/happy/etc.
  2. Le ha dicho-S/he has told him/her
  3. Vale la pena-It’s worth it
  4. Entonces (no) llora-So s/he doesn’t cry
  1. Siempre estaba triste/contento/etc.-S/he was always sad/happy/etc.
  2. Le habíá dicho-S/he had told him/her
  3. Valió la pena-It was worth it
  4. Entonces (no) lloró-So s/he didn’t cry


  • Le ha dicho-Have you always told the truth to your parents/best friend/etc.? Have they always to you the truth?
  • Vale la pena-Is it worth is to lie to you best friend about kissing their boyfriend or girlfriend/stealing their shoes/etc.?
  • Llora-How often do you cry? How does your Dad/Mom/teacher look when they cry? Who is an ugly crier? Who is a cute crier? Do you like it when babies cry? Would you cry if you lost your phone/broke your arm/etc.?

Story ideas

Here is a really basic outline- Girl goes to a party. Kisses her best friends boyfriend. She hasn’t told her for a week when she sees a picture of them kissing on Instagram. A lot of crying and it wasn’t worth it because her best friend kills her/slashes her tires/etc.

Tell the Beyonce and Jay-Z story about him cheating of her. Movie talk the TMZ video of Solonge punching Jay-Z in the elevator

Mini Story 1

Coming soon!