Week 16

  1. Cree que le conoce-She believes she knows him/her
  2. Hay que…-S/he has to…
  3. Siempre quiere hablarle-S/he always wants to talk to her/him
  4. Habla como si no exista-S/he talks as if it doesn’t exist
  1. Creía que le conocía-She believed she knew him/her
  2. Hubo que…-S/he had to…
  3. Siempre quería hablarle-S/he always wanted to talk to her/him
  4. Hablaba como si no existiera-S/he talked as if it didn’t exist


  • Cree que le conoce-Have you ever seen/talked to/yelled out a name of anyone that you thought you knew? PQA that story and get details.
  • Hay que-What do the Rockies have to do in order to not completely suck? This can be pretty serious too. What do we have to do in order to maintain a good society? What do we have to do to stop addictions/abuse/etc.

Mini Story 1

Coming soon!