Week 19

  1. Conoce-S/he knows/meets
  2. Se acercan-They get closer together
  3. Vuelve-S/he returns
  4. Déjame…-Let me…
  1. Conoció-S/he met
  2. Se acercaron-They moved closer together
  3. Volvió-S/he returned
  4. Me dejó…-She let me…
  • Conoce-Converse with students about who they know that is famous (or would like to know). How well they know their best friend/parents/etc.
  • Se acercan-Have two students approach each other in front of the class in different ways (romantically, slowly, like tigers, etc.). It is hard to actually PQA, I use it in stories and also with actors.
  • Vuelve-What time do students return home from school/a party/a date/etc. When they return from a date who do they talk to/text?
  • Déjame…-This is also hard to PQA. I have students tell me examples about when they would say this to their parents/friends/teachers/etc. I also use it throughout the year and they pick up on it.

 Mini Story 1

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