Week 6

For this week I focus only on the present tense. This is the first real introduction of the conditional and the present perfect. I will also introduce more verbs in the present perfect and the conditional as they come up in class. 
  1. Parece-S/he appears
  2. Vería-S/he would see
  3. Ha visto-S/he has seen
  4. Puede-S/he can/is able
  1. Pareció-S/he appeared
  2. Habría visto si-S/he would have seen if
  3. Había visto-S/he had seen
  4. Podía-S/he could/was able
    • Parece-Who seems to be tired/hungry/happy/etc. and why. Does it seem like the Broncos (any sports team) are going to win the super bowl (any sports competition)? Use photos of people about to fall/cry/spill food/trip/make a basket/etc. and talk about if it seems that they will…
    • Vería-Would you see (any movie/show/etc.). Here I will also use different verbs in the conditional as they come up. Te gustaría ver/Comería …
    • Ha visto– Have you seen ________ (show/movie/etc.). Would you see it? Why or why not? I also use different verbs for present perfect here as well. Have you eaten/played/gone/etc.


Mini Story 1

At this point there are no stories for week 5 because I adjusted the vocabulary from last year. The old structures chosen didn’t work to well together. I think that this will work better.

Mini Story 2




Coming soon…