Week 7


  1. Mange-eat
  2. Boit-drink
  3. Apporte -bring
  4. Dort– sleep
  5. Marque– score
  6. Glisse– slip
  1. A mange– ate
  2. A bu-drank
  3. A apporté– brought
  4. A dormi-slept
  5. A marqué
  6. A glissé
Enrichment vocabulary
  • La norriture– food
  • Un coca– soda
  • La viande– meat
  • Le poulet– chicken
  • Le fromage– cheese
  • Les legumes– vegetables
  • Les pommes frites– french fries
  • I would let student interest drive this vocabulary, you know what they like to eat and drink, base your vocab around that.
  • Use this opportunity to figure out what your students like to eat and drink. Specify meals and ask what they eat/drink during those meals. As an activity you can have the students take a poll: how many people drink soda for breakfast, coffee for lunch, oj for dinner, etc.
Il y a un garçon qui s’appelle Ronaldo. Il aime le fromage. Il apporte le fromage à  l’école, chez ses amis, au cinéma, et  aux matchs de foot. Aussi, il dort avec le fromage. Un jour, il avait un match de foot contre une très bonne équipe. Son ami Zidane lui a dit « Ne mange pas de fromage pendant le match ! » Mais, Ronaldo mange toujours le fromage donc il a apporté le fromage au terrain. Ensuite, un jouer de l’autre équipe a glissé sur le fromage et Ronaldo a marqué un but. Son équipe a gagné le match.


La Culture et Les Actualités

Culture 1: A great lesson is on Islam and the high Muslim population migrating to France from Northern Africa. You can talk about the colonization, and then discuss the issue surrounding wearing the head scarf in public places (French girls shaving their heads in demonstration of the ban of the headscarf in school.) You can have students develop their own opinion on the issue. Bring in different points of view (the controlling father, religious oppression of women, freedom of expression, the choice to cover up, the right to practice religion, etc.)
Culture 2: You can also discuss why the Arab culture drinks tea in the dessert. Show pictures of people drinking tea, have them guess why this would be logical, if it is. Then have students research to find the answer (the tea helps initiate the sweat glands which in turn keeps them cool).